Direct Investment

Bold Reuse

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Bold Reuse is a full service reuse platform built to conserve existing resources and work with its customers to create circular systems to reduce food packaging waste by bringing sanitation, logistics, data and strategy under one roof. 

Each customer’s cycle reduces waste and emissions via a zero waste packaging loop. Traditional take out trash is eliminated and instead, end consumers are supplied with a vendor-specific option which is returned, washed, and used again and again.  Even with the energy and water needed to wash, the overall carbon emissions of reusables can be more than 90% less than that of their single-use counterparts when reused twenty-five times or more. 

With large customers including Imperfect Foods, Starbucks, Loop, and the Portland Trailblazers already on board, Bold Reuse is helping brands meet their carbon footprint and waste reduction goals.

Mpactful Ventures has made a direct investment in the Bold Reuse platform.