Direct Investment

Drivers Cooperative

The Drivers Cooperative is a driver-owned cooperative in New York City, and its goal is to end the exploitative conditions present throughout the for-hire vehicle industry. With its model, the drivers are running the show – allowing them to make more on each trip. With the Drivers Cooperative, drivers have democratic control over all decisions, and all profits go directly to them

Other ride-sharing services can take commissions up to 40% on each trip as well as pushing the responsibility of insurance, maintenance, car purchases, etc. onto the drivers, oftentimes forcing them into poverty. Since drivers are considered independent contractors in this model, they do not even have the right to make minimum wage, nor do they receive basic employment rights and benefits.

The Drivers Cooperative platform was launched to ensure better pay for drivers and help the industry as a whole become greener. Mpactful Ventures made a direct investment in the Drivers Cooperative.