Direct Investment


FarmTogether is a tech enabled farm asset manager designed to provide innovative and transformational financing to agriculture while opening up a key asset class to all investors. The platform aims to invest in a sustainable agricultural revolution to assure peace and plenty for all. Whether a user wants to diversify their assets, hedge against inflation, produce income, or increase the value of their total portfolio, FarmTogether has a range of farming opportunities to meet their objectives.

To date, FarmTogether serves 1.5k+ clients around the world, deals in 7+ states, and offers 12+ crop-types.

The platform works by examining the risk/return profile, fee and ownership structure, on-farm sustainability practices, legal documentation, and other details for each property. The user then uses these details to decide on an investment allocation for their reservation. After choosing a property, the user completes their investment by completing their account, submitting their accreditation papers, linking their bank account, and signing electronically. Within the FarmTogether interface, the user may track the success of their portfolio over time.

FarmTogether was founded in 2017 connecting farmers to creative capital. Mpactful Ventures directly invested in the seed round of funding for FarmTogether.