Fund Investment

MCJ Collective

MCJ Collective started in 2019 via Jason Jacobs’ personal climate journey. He was looking for ways to make a difference and began speaking to fascinating and accomplished people tackling the climate crisis from every angle and discipline.

With every new episode of the My Climate Journey podcast, more people reached out to add their voices to the conversation. Jason couldn't keep up with the flood of emails and requests coming in, so he started a shared Slack so these people could engage with each other directly. That digital space became a common meeting ground for exploring new ideas sparked by conversations on the podcast, or in general as people are navigating their own climate journeys. Modeling Jason's humble curiosity and willingness to listen first, this wide-ranging group became united by a common desire to step up and do something about the climate crisis.

Since then, MCJ Collective has organically grown to become the kind of connective tissue fundamental for innovation with 2,000 members and counting. Vibrant entrepreneurial cities do this kind of connective tissue well, and when it works, it feels like magic. In many ways, MCJ has become the entrepreneurial commons so lacking in climate tech change innovation.

Mpactful Ventures has invested in the MCJ Collective funds to help support their work with reversing the effects of climate change.