Direct Investment

rePlant Capital

rePlant Capital is a financial services firm designed to rapidly scale climate solutions. By concentrating on soil health and farmer profitability, the firm is supporting the transformation of farms to regenerative and organic agriculture. rePlant Capital helps farmers make the transition to regenerative and organic agriculture by providing funding solutions for farmers to implement regenerative or organic methods that will benefit them. Through rePlant Capital, farmers are connected with professional support from agronomists, soil conservationists, non-governmental organizations, and other specialists. The firm also forms partnerships with regional and global food firms in order to have direct access to their supply chains.

Soil Fund, rePlant Capital’s first in a series of fund offerings, is an evergreen private loan fund that invests in farms. Soil Fund intends to accelerate the adoption of agricultural methods that promote soil health via innovative transition finance credit arrangements.

Mpactful Ventures directly invested in the seed round of funding for rePlant Capital.